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inventor of the
first rack oven


designer of the first retarder prover cabinet

Bakery equipment

Tess Anderson

Art Director



sheeting and shaping dough is what we do

For 70 years we have been developing and producing high-quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types. As a Swiss company, we are fully aware of just how important quality, innovation and reliability really are. "Dough-how" is the term we coined for our unique combination of know-how and experience in dough processing, and today it is appreciated by thousands of producers all over the world, from small artisanal bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers.

Rondo's key products:

Sheeting, Cutting & Transfer Machines

Make Up Lines for Pastries & Pizzas

Croissant & Rolls Machines

Bakery equipment


inventor of the first rack oven

Revent invented the first rack oven back in the 1950’s. Since then, we’ve become the best selling rack oven producer in the world, with representation in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America. Head office is located in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Revent’s patented HVS steel ball steam system allows the dough to increase to a large volume at the beginning of the bake and creates a shiny crust at the end of the bake.

Revent's Key Products:

Rack Ovens

Humidifier & Vacuum Cooler

Bakery equipment


designer of the first retarder prover cabinet

In 1969 PANEM designed the first retarder-prover cabinet. For the professionals of bread and pastry shops, this breakthrough technology revolutionized this business, both in terms of working comfort and regularity of production. Since the beginning, Panem has always developed solutions which, whatever the activity is, bring innovations, reliability, practicality and profitability, while working for preserving the quality of finished products.


Panem's Key Products:

Proofers and Retarder Prover Cabinets

Blast Freezers


inventor of the Wendelmixer - high performance kneader mixer

DIOSNA - the DoughExperts – providing the complete dough production, from the dosage and pre-dough preparation, the StartGut® for pre-dough processing, the mixing process up to the hand-over logistics – and therewith most important process in the bakery industry.


Diosna's Key Products:



Automated Solutions

Pre-Dough Solutions

Bakery equipment
Bakery equipment


depositor solutions tailored to your exact needs

MONO Equipment is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of bakery and food service equipment in the United Kingdom and supplies many of the UK's leading supermarket chains, independent artisan bakers, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.  With an established reputation within the industry for creating high quality, innovative products, MONO Equipment boasts a proud heritage of British craftsmanship which can be traced back to its origins in 1947. 

MONO Equipment's Key Products:


Convection Ovens

Bread Plants

Doughnut Fryers

Bakery equipment


three generations of experience in professional baking stations

Michael Wenz made his first oven back in 1919 in his home town of Arnstein, Germany. The leadership baton has now passed on to the third generation, and Sabine Michaela Wenz has been managing the growing company since 2002. The name MIWE is associated with many new advances in the world of baking. We introduced the rack oven to Central Europe, and our focused development of “sight and smell” baking led to wide-spread use of in-store baking. 


MIWE's Key Products:

Baking Stations

Bakery equipment


deck ovens found in the best bakeries in the world

Founded in 1923, Wachtel combines the tradition and the future of premium baking technology. We are proud of our role as a longstanding, trusted partner to the bakery trade supplying our innovative baking ovens, loaders and cooling systems “Made in Germany”: accuracy is our commitment, high-quality engineering our driving force, and - last but not least - service to the customer is our passion.


Wachtel's Key Products:

In-store Deck Ovens


premium Japanese deck ovens for best quality bake results

Tokura was founded in 1931 as a freight company, before becoming involved in the baking industry in 1961 as Tokura Shoji. The company specialises in manufacturing deck ovens, freezer-proofers, proofers as well as prefabricated retarder proofers for huge baking factories. 


Tokura's Key Products:

Deck Ovens

Bakery equipment
Bakery equipment


for a better filling

Beldos N.V. is a leading designer and manufacturer of depositors, transfer pumps and cake equipment for bakeries and food manufacturers all over the world. The company was founded in 2001 in Belgium by Rudy Van der Linden, who is a highly innovative designer and an engineer. Rudy’s experience in bakery business, understanding of the baker’s needs and perfect technical knowledge make it possible to produce unique equipment.

Beldo's Key Products:

Mini-fill & Depositors

Cake Slicing & Decoration


create the lightest patisserie products, cakes and desserts

Kees van der Manden established Shuffle-Mix in Barneveld in 1998. His first and most innovative product is the patented aerator for patisserie products and desserts: the Shufflemixer. Finding his inspiration in the centuries-old technique for churning milk, he carefully perfected the Shufflemixer and watched it become a mainstay of bakeries around the world. Shuffle-Mix is bakery equipment fitted with ‘shuffles’: cylindrical constructions that mix and aerate basic ingredients. Shuffle-Mix have also used their expertise to expand their range of bakery equipment by design a series of supplementary machines and extra units that make the Shufflemixers even more versatile: from bakery ingredient injectors to static mixers.


Shuffle Mix's Key Products:

Continuous Aerator and Mixer

Bakery equipment
Bakery equipment


designer and producer of industrial electronics for the baking industry

STM Products is an Italian company established in Verona that has been designing and producing industrial electronics since 1983, overseeing internally every strategic phase: research, design, software, hardware and mechanical development, both according to customers' specifications and standard, and the mass production. STM specialises in:

  • Electronic water doser-mixers for the baking industry. 

  • Electronic semi-continuous water chillers for the baking industry. 

  • Electronically controlled water treatment systems. 

STM's Key Products:

Water Doser-Mixers & Water Chillers for Bakeries

Bakery equipment


fully automatic optimal dough divider and rounder

TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-size company (SME) with headquarters in Zeulenroda-Triebes, Thuringia. We are specialists in machines and equipment for dough processing. The requirements of bakers are taken up, analyzed and translated into successful solutions by our experts. Constant innovation and consistent focus on the customers' needs make us a reliable partner of customers of baking machines.


Trima's Key Products:

Automatic Dough Divider & Rounder

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