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Incorporated in Singapore in 1996, Addax Bake Automation has been providing bakery equipment which are well known for their reliability and consistency for our wide range of customers ranging from small single bakeries to large industrial F&B corporations.

Here at Addax, we place great emphasis on quality service and our service engineers are factory trained to provide our customers with technical support when needed. We specialise in the automatic production of pastries, croissants, pizzas, breads, as well as popular local and Asian products such as "Epok-Epok" and "Roti Prata".

Be it your interest in quality equipment and service, automating your production or increasing bake productivity, Addax is the name to call.


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Bakery Equipment
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Here at Addax, 'Quality' and 'Reliability' are the two principles we strongly believe in. We believe that a truly great product is one where our customers are 100% satisfied. We are proud to be the Exclusive Agent in Singapore for some of the best bakery equipment manufacturers in the world.

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Bakery Equipment
Bakery Equipment
Bakery Equipment


Having the perfect machines is not the only variable for quality. The ingredients going into the initial dough mix matters greatly. ADDAX partners with ALLIANCE INGREDIENTS (THAILAND) to ensure that innovative solutions might be found for producing the best taste, aroma and texture in your final baked products.

ALLIANCE INGREDIENTS started as a boutique flavour paste manufacturer, designing and producing unique flavoured pastes for confectionery and baking industries. Thereafter, the company ventured into sourdough offerings and other innovative products which provide higher quality, consistent and affordable production.


This strong exclusive relationship benefits our customers to grow their company by creating innovative and consistent bake products.

ALLIANCE INGREDIENTS is based in the Bangplee Industrial Estate, Bangkok, Thailand.

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