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Bakery equipment


three generations of experience in professional baking stations

Michael Wenz made his first oven back in 1919 in his home town of Arnstein, Germany. The leadership baton has now passed on to the third generation, and Sabine Michaela Wenz has been managing the growing company since 2002. The name MIWE is associated with many new advances in the world of baking. We introduced the rack oven to Central Europe, and our focused development of “sight and smell” baking led to wide-spread use of in-store baking. 


MIWE's Key Products:

Baking Stations


Fresh baking alone is no longer enough - it's the quality that makes the difference. Here, the true expert shines through. Seen as this high level of quality also requires the best oven, we have improved our successful MIWE aero once again. The result is impressing with a variety of detailed optimisations. However what makes it the baking station of choice is its clever and unique features including perfect baking of frozen small products, automatic gradient baking, resource-efficient cleaning control and sophisticated control concepts for requirements within branches. The new MIWE aero - the best recommendation for impressing your customers with premium quality.


Ideal for all half-baked products as well as for Danish-style pastries, crescent rolls etc., this oven offers value for money that keeps your accountant happy. And the production planner will be happy to hear that the MIWE econo is available in several variants for every capacity requirement. Bakers who are unsure what their customers will want tomorrow will appreciate the many options - e.g. for more sophisticated baking processes. You often find this convection oven with 4, 6 or 10 trays in convenience stores or in pure prebake stations. Its compact design means that it fits into nearly any setting. If one MIWE econo alone is not enough, then you can simply stack two units. The FP control system ensures operating and process safety and lets the personnel manager relax. We have naturally attached the greatest importance to easy cleaning and straightforward handling of the MIWE econo.


The MIWE backcombi provides room for your ambitions. It combines the active heat of the convection baking oven MIWE aero or MIWE econo with the gentle baking atmosphere of the deck baking oven MIWE condo - thus combining two oven systems in minimum space (which can then be used for a suitable proofing cabinet) for exceptional baking variety and very high sophistication. Each of the two ovens in the MIWE backcombi is a proven expert in its field. The MIWE condo in the MIWE backcombi can be optionally equipped with one or two baking chambers.

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The FreshFoodSystem MIWE cube is the modular baking system on a uniform platform.Thanks to the different types of baking chamber and practical system components such as proofing and drying cabinet, open intermediate compartments, drawers, steam condenser and fume hood, it can be combined to meet all your requirements.And it always remains flexible – thanks to the base frame on rollers.


The same excellent baking results as with a large professional deck oven and a wide variety of baked products – MIWE condo makes this possible even in a small floor space. It's no surprise that this oven is appreciated the world over in bakehouses, branch outlets, pastry shops, hotels, and the catering trade or as a mobile baking oven during events. Thanks to its modular construction and the great variety of sizes, it can be perfectly adapted to the respective capacity requirement. An all-rounder in every respect. The professional deck baking oven can be designed according to your concept since it is available in many basic areas and with up to five baking chambers in three different heights and fits elegantly and self-confidently into every environment thanks to its discreet design. Furthermore, all combinations can be subsequently modified and converted.


As you can see, MIWE gusto perfectly combines a lower spatial requirement and excellent baking  properties in an extremely attractive manner. With MIWE gusto, we have namely developed a high-performing oven that allows gut baking even where space is particularly narrow. With this oven, you can get started immediately. The gusto is the most compact fresh baking oven in the market, and on top of that, has been awarded for its extremely harmonious appearance with "iF design award" of International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany.


Warm snacks drive growth in the on-the-go market. So that you can make the most of this profitable trend, we have developed the MIWE gusto snack. This elegant convection oven gives you all the benefits of the MIWE gusto plus additional helpful functions for the snack business, namely steaming and gratinating, letting you cut costs and save valuable space.

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