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Founded in 1923, Wachtel combines the tradition and the future of premium baking technology. We are proud of our role as a longstanding, trusted partner to the bakery trade supplying our innovative baking ovens, loaders and cooling systems “Made in Germany”: accuracy is our commitment, high-quality engineering our driving force, and - last but not least - service to the customer is our passion.


Wachtel's Key Products:

In-store Deck Ovens



In the single-width MINI PICCOLO, outstanding baking results are achieved on one baking tray (400 x 600 mm) per deck. Thanks to its modular design, the PICCOLO can be freely configured and perfectly adapted to your needs and budget. Baking surfaces can be easily expanded and decks added to the oven at any time. The future-oriented modular system guarantees lasting flexibility, independence and progress. Your customized PICCOLO is thus already well prepared for your future growth. 


When a baking oven perfectly meets the requirements of the baker’s trade it becomes a role model for an entire industry. The PICCOLO I allows you to bake products with tangible differences in quality on two baking trays (600x400 [mm]) per deck, either behind or beside each other. Proper in-store baking requires passion and an impeccable baking atmosphere that enhances the quality of the baked goods. By opting for a PICCOLO – the in-store baking pioneer – you are investing in a distinctive profile as a baker and in the successful unique positioning of your in-store bakery concept in the long-term. 


The PICCOLO II is always the best option if you want to combine the professionalism and diversity of tried-and-tested WACHTEL oven technology with large baking surfaces. Deck widths and depths of up to 1,200 mm allow you to combine extra capacity with working at a more ergonomic operating height. When baking with the “triple” width PICCOLO II-S, for example, you can have as many as 3 trays (400/600) side by side. Handling in front of the oven thus proceeds even more smoothly and with greater operational convenience. At the same time, this allows you as a baker to clearly show across a broad front that you are baking high quality fresh goods. 


The THERMICO PLUS allows you to add up to 3.1 m² baking space to your outlet in the smallest of spaces. You can of course also use this innovative convection oven for the growing snack business to heat up and cook numerous dishes fast. Combining two different steam generators allows for precise steam metering for the bakery product concerned, interval steaming for baking, and cooking and steaming which preserves the flavours. The permanent supply of continuous pulsed steam creates excellent conditions for baking frozen products. The sophisticated combination of convection and steam in fully automatic proofing sequences provides for high quality food and a diversity of products.

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