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premium Japanese deck ovens for best quality bake results

Tokura was founded in 1931 as a freight company, before becoming involved in the baking industry in 1961 as Tokura Shoji. The company specialises in manufacturing deck ovens, freezer-proofers, proofers as well as prefabricated retarder proofers for huge baking factories. 


Tokura's Key Products:

In-store Deck Ovens


Tokura's Deck Oven gives both near and far infrared to achieve the “simultaneous baking inside and outside”. This results in a thin crusty bread surface with very soft, fluffy and moist bread interior, achieving results which are above and beyond expectations. The thick layer of insulator installed also allows the oven to keep the heat well maintained, minimising energy loss and producing high quality bake results. The oven's Super Steam Generator is installed on the outside of the baking chamber, ensuring no loss of temperature within the baking chamber when steam is introduced. Built in with Tokura's Traditional Original control system, the temperature of top heat and bottom heat can be easily controlled desired temperature with great accuracy.

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