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industry leaders in portion control

Slice, cut, and portion bakery products including cakes, loaves, cheese, butter, and more. FoodTools was founded in 1983 to solve one bakers problem of finding a faster way to cut cakes and put paper dividers between each slice. Since then the company has pioneered the development of portioning solutions in each corner of the food industry and is leading the way forward with innovative technologies delivering increased speeds, improved quality, and consistent accuracy for bakery owners and food production plants.

FoodTools's key products:

Cake Cutting and Slicing Machines

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Fresh Cake Cutting Machine (BT-1)

The bench top slicing machine from FoodTools is an economical solution for bakeries needing to portion fresh round products. The machine is designed for a table top, making it versatile and easy to add to your production space. A single wire is used to slice the product as it sits on a manually rotating platform. The slicing function is a mechanical lever arm so that no matter who is using the machine the portions are always straight and accurate. This solution is good for bakeries slicing less than 50 products per hour.

Cheesecake Cutting Machine (CS-1FP)

This cheesecake cutting machine will portion a wide variety of frozen or chilled round products, cheesecakes, layer cakes, and more. The slices will all be a consistent size with optional Divider Inserts separating each wedge. The machine uses a foot pedal and manual indexing so that one operator can cut up to one cheesecake per minute. The CS-1FP is the perfect entry level cake cutting machine for bakeries needing to upgrade from slicing by hand to a more accurate and efficient process. It is ideal for bakeries cutting up to 50 cakes per hour.

Cheesecake Slicer(CS-1A)

This cheesecake slicer will portion and cut a variety of frozen or chilled round cake products. Portions will all be a consistent size no matter who is using the machine. Use the optional paper dividers to separate each portion with FoodTools Divider Inserts. The machine is small, versatile, and dependable, a great option for a small bakery or a new product line launch. Upgrade from cutting by hand and worrying about product consistency to slicing accurately with a machine. This model works well for bakeries producing from 50-100 cakes per hour.

Inline Sheet Cake Cutting(ACCUSLICE-100FS)

This inline sheet cake cutting machine features 1 slicing station for inline portioning of sheet products. It includes a servo driven conveyor, multiple axis cutting head, automatic onload and offload options by hand or by optional automated load conveyor. The product moves into the cutting area and is portioned by one mechanical cutting station. The cut pattern is chosen from the touch screen operator interface. After the cut pattern cycle the product is then conveyed out the back side of the machine to an optional off loading conveyor.

Fresh Cake Cutter(ACC-RSU)

This fresh cake cutter is built to slice sticky, difficult to cut, and delicate half sheet products. It is capable of cutting in or out of the box/pan or on a cake holder. The Ultrasonic blade vibrates at 20 kHz to prevent the product from sticking to the blade, allowing each slice to have a clean quality look even if the product is fresh. The machine is best for bakeries with mid-size production volumes using half sheet products or the ability to cut full sheets into half sheets in order to slice portions.

Ultrasonic Cake Slicer(ACCUSONIC-100FS)

This ultrasonic cake slicer features one cutting station for inline slicing of fresh sheet or round cake products. The machine features a servo driven conveyor, multiple axis cutting head, automatic onload and offload options and is built to cut round cakes into wedge slices or full sheet cakes into squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, parallelograms, hexagons, and other shapes. The ultrasonic blade allows a facility to cut fresh and delicate bakery products fresh and eliminates the wasted time and cost of freezing the products before portioning. The ACCUSONIC-100 series is best for high production bakeries slicing various types of products at various temperatures.

Waterjet Cake Cutting Machine(ACCUJET-10)

The state-of-the-art waterjet cake cutting machine allows bakeries to slice intricate custom shapes from bakery products. The two piece industrial duty design results in 40-50% faster cutting speeds than all in one solutions. The machine is controlled with a Window’s 10 based HD touch screen and is WiFi enabled allowing remote diagnostic troubleshooting and cut pattern support. The open frame design is 100% stainless steel and built to meet all safety and sanitation standards.

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