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create the lightest patisserie products, cakes and desserts

Kees van der Manden established Shuffle-Mix in Barneveld in 1998. His first and most innovative product is the patented aerator for patisserie products and desserts: the Shufflemixer. Finding his inspiration in the centuries-old technique for churning milk, he carefully perfected the Shufflemixer and watched it become a mainstay of bakeries around the world. Shuffle-Mix is bakery equipment fitted with ‘shuffles’: cylindrical constructions that mix and aerate basic ingredients. Shuffle-Mix have also used their expertise to expand their range of bakery equipment by design a series of supplementary machines and extra units that make the Shufflemixers even more versatile: from bakery ingredient injectors to static mixers.


Shuffle Mix's Key Products:

Continuous Aerator and Mixer


The Shufflemixer 100 is bakery equipment that combines a continuous aerator machine with a powerful mixer. It makes it as easy as pie to:

  • decorate patisserie products, cakes, desserts and cream aeration next to no time; 

  • repeatedly achieve the same high-quality results that keep your customers coming back; 

  • keep your production running continuously – a pumping system draws in cream or dough and aerates it in a constant stream, ready for you to apply to cakes, desserts and more. 

In short, this all-in-one continuous aerator and industrial cream mixer allows you to work more quickly and produce better results for less money. 


What can you produce with the industrial mixer-aerator from Shuffle-Mix?

  • Whipped cream, Bavaroise specialties and all sorts of mousses and aerated cream; 

  • Desserts, fresh cheese such as ricotta; 

  • Egg-white meringues and marshmallows;

  • Buttercream, (sponge) cakes, and biscuit dough. 


An industrial mixer-aerator tuned to your production capacity

What is the difference between the Shufflemixers 250, 500 and 1000? Their maximum capacity. The 250 industrial mixer will whip and aerate up to 250 kg of product every hour. The other models process up to 500 or 1000 kg every hour. 

This is how Shuffle-Mix tunes your aerator to the production capacity of your bakery. We even build custom models, based on your specifications.

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