Since 1954, MERAND, specialist in machines for bakery industry, designs and manufactures modern, evolutive, scalable, functional and easy to clean machinery and materials. MERAND developed a complete range of moulders, dividers, intermediate proofers and automatic lines. At every stage of production, you are assured to do a high quality bread.


MERAND's Key Products:

Dividing, Moulding Machines


MERAND Divider-Shaper Div-X

The MERAND divider-shaper is very well suited for dividing any type of dough, even with long fermentation and high-hydrated one, like rustic loaves, ciabatta, small buns, etc.

Teflon-coated grid to avoid dough sticking. More than 20 different sizes of grids available. Grids can be changed in less than 10 seconds thanks to a central bolt

MERAND Tregor Moulder

2 ponited selector for laminating and lengthening adjusting. It gives high accuracy to the adjustments. Stretching system between two moving belts (compact machine). Good stretching, dough balls makes many turns in the machine and are well rolled up. Laminating system between 3 rollers. A gradual laminating for a better shaping (a pre-laminating roller + 2 laminating rollers)

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