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Dough Divider and Rounder Specialists

Erika Record Baking Equipment continues to deliver world-class bakery equipment solutions that can address both retail/in-store and wholesale/industrial baking operations. They provide equipment options geared toward commercial production which now include tunnel ovens, robotic loaders, pastry production lines, and industrial mixing solutions.

Erika Record's Key Products:

Dividing, Moulding Machines

ER Semi Auto divider.jpg
ERIKA RECORD Semi RH Divider/Rounder

Erika Record Semi RH Divider/Rounder offers superior rounding, durability and increased production for bakeries and foodservice operations. It provides greater flexibility with the additional removable, interchangeable knife head (RH) system which will allow you to create different types of rolls with varying weight ranges and sizes in the same machine.

Erika Record | Easy Divider:Rounder.jpg
ERIKA RECORD Full Classic Divider/Rounder

The Full Classic features complete automation of the pressing, dividing and rounding process, with no user intervention required. It is a great solution for high volume production or facilities with multiple operators. This model minimises labor-related fatigue and ensures a consistently portioned and rounded product regardless of the machine’s operator, and helps ensure a steady production rate. 

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