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Bioclimatic has 40 years of experience in the field of high quality air purification and disinfection systems. They are the market leader with continuous improvement of the human environment through the 3 core areas: air ionization, air disinfection, and exhaust air cleaning.

Key Products:

Air Ionization Disinfection

Bioclimatic Aerotec

Especially for companies that trade in perishable goods, maintain cold stores or come from food processing, room air that is as germ- and odor-free as possible is of central importance. 

Thanks to the principle of air ionization, you protect food from rapid spoilage and mold growth. Your goods can be stored longer and stay fresh and appetizing noticeably longer. The aerotec device reduces annoying odors and prevents odor transmission.


The housing has air slots and the generator housing is splash-proof. Both are easy to clean.

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