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Since the sixties, Selmi has been a point of reference for machines and equipment for processing chocolate in all its forms: pralines, bars, truffles, chocolate snacks, bean to bar chocolate, chocolate dragées, artisanal spreadable creams and much more

The company's brand-new headquarters in Bra, spreading over 20,000 square metres, is a place that expresses how strong and deep-rooted the 'chocolate culture' is in our company and what passion animates the management and the entire staff.

Key Products:

Chocolate Automation Machines

Chocolate Melting and Tempering
Selmi 1.png
  • Fast melting and tempering of chocolate.

  • Low voltage heated vibrating table.

  • Easy cleaning of the machine.

  • Volumetric dispenser, pedal to control the flow of chocolate.

  • Close circuit cooling system with countercurrent exchanger.

  • Tank capacity from upwards of 12kg

  • Hourly production rate of 55kg of chocolate

Chocolate Enrobing Belt
Selmi 2.png
  • Three section coating belt installed on a tilting trolley.

  • Dripping of chocolate aided by mechanical vibration.

  • Air blower with adjustable air flow to control the dripping of the chocolate.

  • Electronically controlled coating speed.

  • Partial coating of the product base (optional extra).

  • The support paper is set in motion or halted via mechanical controls.

Chocolate Mould Loader
  • Automatic loader for chocolate filling and vibrating polycarbonate moulds and production of solid bodies only. (Mould size 275 x 175 mm).

  • The system uses the chocolate tempering machine Top EX and is very compact in size even though it performs the same automated operations until now delegated to the traditional industrial lines for the production of solids (tablets, napolitaines etc... ).

  • Hourly Production of up to 3000 moulds.

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