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Based in Copenhagen Denmark, ChocoMa has more than 55 years experience of making flexible, reliable and efficient chocolate processing equipment.

Today we offer a complete range of machines for craftsmen and semi-industrial producers of chocolate praline, confectionary and backery products. Our solutions are developed and based on the Danish and European tradition within food technology and chocolate confectionary.

Key Products:

Chocolate Automation Machines

Chocolate Melting and Tempering

The TB20-1 is designed to melt and temper 20 kg batches of chocolate, and to give the operator full control over the 3 tempering stages.

During tempering the total volume of chocolate in the tanks will get a uniform temperature at each stage in the tempering process, before next stage is started. Finally, a 20kg batch of perfectly tempered chocolate will be available.

Although the TB20-1 can be used for both melting and tempering, it can also be used for tempering only. If the machine is filled with melted chocolate at minimum 45 0°C, 20 kg of well tempered chocolate will be available in every 30 minutes.

Enrober and Mould Filling

E220 is for enrobing, mould filling and tempering of chocolate used by the creative, quality focused chocolatier requiring versatile small to moderate production to a professional standard.

The E220 enables the chocolatier to enrobe or bottom coat pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries. In addition, the E220 provides solid or shell moulding of standard praline moulds, hollow figures, etc. Furthermore, the callet (button) tempering is easily achieved in the generous 20 liter chocolate vessel.

The E220 can also be customised for other purposes with the advisory of our consultation. Contact us for more information.

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