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"At Eurofours, convection ovens are part of our history. They are our roots, our present and our future. This is why we have been a leader for almost 40 years. Our philosophy revolves around two simple ideas: to preserve our historical industrial know-how and to develop innovative features that meet our customers' expectations."

Key Products:

Convection Ovens

R-Spirit Convection Oven


  • The R-Spirit oven is equipped with high efficiency "Brushless" motors. These motors reduce noise and friction and ensure an exceptionally long service life. 

  • Panoramic glass window and neutral LED lighting

  • The large red anodised aluminium handle has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible. Equipped with an infrared barrier, a simple presence of your hand on the handle will allow you to open the door in a single gesture, even if you are wearing gloves.

  • eDrive 7 is the result of over forty years of experience to offer a modern regulation which is intuitive and versatile.

  • The R-Spirit oven is also available in a self-cleaning.

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