dough technology


ADDAX, together with our partners, offer you an exciting opportunity in improving the quality of your bread products as well as offering you a possible new range of sourdough products. Pre-doughs and sourdoughs need to be reliable and consistent and can be better achieved using starter cultures which are more stable in nature. This allows for your bread products to be consistent in quality throughout the different batches. Today, starter cultures come in various forms such as dry powdered form or in live cultures. The only way to find out which is most suitable for your product is through experimentation and we will be glad to take you through this journey of exploration.

Advantages of a stable process through cultures include:

1. Better quality aroma and texture of products

2. Greater flavour depth

3. Longer product shelf life

4. Longer fermentation leading to a better rise within

5. Possible cost reduction due to ease of use and stability

6. No other leavening agents necessary



While ​there are many flavour options out in the market, what is most important has to be the key aspects of flavours being natural and premium tasting. As such, our products only uses high food grade ingredients in formulating these flavours to give an enhanced natural flavour with a smooth mouth feel. Products are also oil soluble and keep well without refrigeration.

Advantages of the use of such flavours and replacers:

1. Longer product shelf life

2. Higher consistency of products

3. Premium tasting

4. Cost reduction in ingredients

5. Cost reduction in labour and equipment to create such flavours